How do I request a lost
or destroyed certificate
of a seminar I attended.

To request research and to obtain a replacement certificate you must send the following information to assist in our research.

Time frame of lost certificate:  If more than one certificate, please include all possible time frames.
Each time frame request cannot exceed 6 months.
Payment of $15.00 per certificate search. (This fee is whether a certificate is found or not.)

STEP ONE:  Payment code is 2015.

STEP TWO: Payment can be made here.

once request (both step one and step two) is made and payment has been verified the certificate research will be conducted.  The certificate will be emailed in pdf(adobe) format unless requested otherwise.

What if I don't remember the time frame?
Send payment and request research.  Once research is completed you will be notified of certificate date(s) and you can request which certificate(s) you would like.  You will need to pay for each certificate requested.

How long does it take to get my certificate?
Remember that this is a volunteer organization and research may take up to a month to process.  If you really need your information right away please ask for an immediate search. (This still doesn't guarantee immediate results, but we will do everything we can to accommodate you)

Please feel free to email questions to us.

Thank you for you attention.

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